Our contributors have extensive corporate, consulting and coaching experience, with expertise across industries and regions. We collaborate globally and stay plugged into thought leadership, trends, and insights to develop or provide solutions that will have impact.

The company (founded in 2001) is evolving to focus our solutions to primarily address the following key global workplace challenges:

  • Nearly 70% of employees are disengaged *
  • 58% of employees say they trust strangers more than their own boss *
  • 89% of managers believe people quit for more money, whereas the actual figure is 12% *
  • Employees resign because of their boss, and not the company
  • 58% of managers said they didn’t receive any management training *
  • HR functions are often perceived as not understanding their role in the organisation or not focused on adding value
  • Organisations do not conduct exit interviews or information is not consolidated into meaningful insights
  • There will be more focus on relationships, trust and collaboration between people, teams and businesses
  • Digitisation, Applied Intelligence, and the next generation of contributors who are about to enter the workplace and economy, are just some of the opportunities that will require us to speed up change and complete transformation

Read more about Forbes’ list of shocking workplace stats (March 2018) *


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them (Albert Einstein).

We cannot solve new problems with old thinking.

If we want different results, we need to



HRvalue Report™ (developed by Liezel Pheiffer Blignaut) :

  • October 2014 – The HRvalue Report™ is the first product fully endorsed by the SABPP for the contribution it can make to uplift the HR profession
  • August 2016 – The HRvalue Report™ is recognised as one of the top 3 HR products of 2015/6 during the SABPP’s 4th Annual Conference and Awards

People Acuity™ :

  • December 2018 – we become the official partner and a Centre of Excellence of People Acuity (a US-based Strengths Strategy company with coaches and facilitators in 32 countries)

Our Investment in South Africa

We share a passion to use our experience and solutions to also contribute to helping schools, educators, and small and medium growing businesses in South Africa.

We support the initiatives of NGOs’ Social Entrepreneurship Programmes and corporate Supplier Development and Social Investment Programmes with our solutions.



We believe that if we were to develop our educators and future contributors today,  we can impact the future:

  • Coaching for school leadership – how to manage schools better
  • Group coaching for educators – how to better prepare learners for the world of work
  • Strengths Strategies for learners and educators



We support growing businesses with leadership and entrepreneurship coaching and team development.


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