“Great relationships and results start when you learn to see and optimise the value, capabilities and potential of yourself and others”

Knowing your strengths will never lead to living and working in optimal ways. However, increasing your People Acuity through using effective Strengths Strategies that have been implemented with thousands of people across the globe will transform the way you see and optimise the value, capabilities, and potential of yourself and others.

Solve these seven global pain points for leaders with People Acuity™ solutions:

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The three people acuity guides that form the backbone of the philosophical approach and infuses our coaching, programmes and solutions:


Synergize Through Interdependence.

Energize Through Strengths Strategy™.

Engage Through Purpose.

We offer the following People Acuity™ (a Strengths Strategy® company) coaching, development and certification solutions

– in partnership with, or under licence –

UnlockIt™ – the Power of Strengths Use

Audience: All (unlimited group size)
Duration: 90 minutes
Delivery: Live presentation or webinar
Format: Motivational, showcase, awareness

Understand the importance of learning how to apply strengths (not just know what your own and others’ strengths are)

  • Understand Strategic Interdependence™ and how it contributes to effective strengths use
  • Identify the behavioral indicators of effective and ineffective strengths use
  • Mitigate the likelihood of strengths being turned into weakness

Strengths Strategies® for Optimal Performance (SSOP)

Audience: Any team that wants to work better together and get better results
Duration: One day
Delivery: In-house workshop
Format: Experiential learning

Discover and practice the six Strengths Strategies that will help you solve your pressing workplace problems.

  • Experience a living laboratory empowering you to not just learn, but also practice, the six highest return-on-investment (ROI) Strengths Strategies are quantitatively proven to directly impact individual and team performance
  • Evaluate and increase your optimal performance using the validated C2B Assessment, measuring Work Joy, Team Connection, Proactivity, and Confident Vulnerability and its included online C2B Growth Strategy follow-up program
  • Increase Team Connection and personal fulfilment through learning to choose Strategic Interdependence®
  • Increase your Proactivity through Feed the Need
  • Discover the Leveraging Success Patterns™ approach to recovering from toxicity, and increasing Work Joy
  • Increase your Confident Vulnerability (highly correlated with trust) through the Strengths Strategy of Intelligently Influencing Others
  • Proactively Create Your Conditions for Optimal Performance

Strengths Strategy & People Acuity Coaching

Audience: Any person that wants to understand their strengths and purpose, and want to improve their relationships, leadership and results
Duration: 2 hour sessions over a 6 – 12 months period
Delivery: In-person or video conferencing
Format: One-on-one coaching with a Strengths Strategy Certified Coach

The power of the three foundational differentiators that frame positive, strength-based coaching and leadership of self and others:

Strategic Interdependence  |  Strengths Strategy   |  Purpose Alignment
  • Examine the power of Strategic Interdependence, and its role in effective relationships and coach-like leadership
  • Discover your combination of strengths and how they may show up in a leadership, coaching, or relationship experience
  • Explore your unique purpose, and where you may begin to use it to make a difference in others’ lives

Certification Training

Strengths Strategy Certified Specialist (SSCS)

This is the first level of certification and a prerequisite before certification as a Strengths Strategy for Optimal Performance (SSOP) and People Acuity Facilitator.

This blended learning certification course focuses on the deeper discovery and application of the Strengths Strategy Coaching differentiators, Strategic Interdependence, Strengths Strategy, and Purpose Alignment. It provides the laboratory experience necessary to transfer your increased understanding into practical, real-life, actionable skills you can use to benefit yourself and others.

Strengths Strategy Certified Guide (SSCG)

Personal application, discovery of cutting-edge tools, and practice of coaching/leadership skills is the focus of this blended learning program as you build upon the experience gained in the SSCS program.  It is designed to empower you to confidently develop the People Acuity meta-competency so critical to leading, guiding and coaching others. You will also become adept at Synergizing through Interdependence, the use of Strengths Strategies, Intelligent Influence, and Purpose Alignment for impact and engaging others.

Strengths Strategy Certified Coach (SSCC)

The final certification level is for anyone who wants to become a professional external or in-company Coach. It requires prior certification as a SSCG and 50 hours of coaching clients under the mentorship and guidance of a SSCC assigned by People Acuity in the US.

Certification of SSOP Facilitators

The People Acuity Facilitator Certification event includes a one-day Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance (SSOP) workshop, a one-day Principles of Facilitating from Interdependence certification, a two-day SSOP certification, the facilitator guide and participants packet.

With these certifications, you will be prepared to facilitate SSOP to your own clients or for you organisation.

Certification requires prior certification as a SSCS.

C2B™ Assessment with Growth Strategy

The C2B™ (“See-to-Be”) Different Report is for people who are looking to be more joyful and proactive at work, more connected to their team, and want to create high trust work relationships.

The C2B Assessment Report will provide insight into the way you see yourself, others and your work.

It measures:

Work Joy (Engagement)    I    Team Connection    I    Proactivity (Productivity)    I    Confident Vulnerability™ (Trust)

The online C2B Growth Strategy creation experience that will lead you through a 4-step process to help you set goals and develop accountability strategies that will empower you to increase your scores, including:

  • Find Your Why. Identify your most desired results and relationship outcomes. This will enable you to target situations and relationships that are meaningful and important to you and have the greatest likelihood of bringing you the kind of fulfillment and connection you may want.
  • Re-evaluate Your C2B Results. Identify which items reflect current success (your highest rated items), as well as assessing which items might be most important to improve.
  • Leverage Success Patterns. Closely examine your highest scored items, identify how you are creating success, what is working for you, and how you can be more intentional in using your success patterns.
  • Set Your PACE™ Goal-setting Process. Craft very specific objectives related to the top items you most want to influence.


To get an overview of what People Acuity is about and how it changes lives, workplaces and relationships, watch the videos CLICK HERE

To enhance your personal growth, or as a prerequisite for meaningful participation in some of our programmes, you would need to:

  1. Complete the Clifton StrengthsFinder (now known as CliftonStrengths 34) assessment – our tool of choice. If you do not have those results, you may purchase the assessment here from the Gallup Strengths Center
  2. Generate one of the following reports and self-coaching guides which can be purchased from People Acuity. You would need to enter your top CliftonStrengths to generate your report.

The 4 People Acuity Accelerators™ will provide clarity, focus and a better understanding of yourself and others and how to leverage your strengths:

CONTRIBUTIONS (to be aligned with your purposes). NEEDS (to be met). TRIGGERS (to be managed).  OPERATING BELIEFS (to be wisely chosen).

If you would like to purchase any of the online programs, reports or assessments on peopleacuity.com, use the following code to obtain a discount: HCBSdiscount

We also offer consulting for businesses, executives, leaders, HR, entrepreneurs, community organisations and educators on strengths strategies and improving collaboration through Strategic Interdependence®.

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