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“Great relationships and results start when you learn to see and optimise the value, capabilities and potential of yourself and others”


Solve these seven global pain points for leaders with People Acuity™ solutions:

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We offer the following People Acuity™ workshops and development programs

UnlockIt™ – the Power of Strengths Use

Audience: All (unlimited group size)
Duration: 90 minutes – 5 hours
Delivery: Interactive workshop, presentation or keynote (in-person or virtual)


It is not enough to know that we have strengths or to know what they are strengths are.

To unleash the power of our strengths, we have to know how to strategically and effectively use our strengths in consistent ways that allows us to co-create sustained high energy and performance experiences for ourselves and others which would lead to great relationships and results in all areas of our life.


What people will discover and learn:

  • How powerful the wise application of our strengths are
  • How effective strengths use can improve leadership, trust, engagement, teamwork, collaboration, synergy, leveraging diversity, confident vulnerability, pro-activity, and well-being
  • How your Strengths Lens™ impacts what you SEE, FEEL and DO
  • Where ‘weaknesses’ come from
  • A new mindset to view, value and leverage diversity – our uniqueness and differences beyond race, gender and generation gaps
  • How Strengths Strategy® (understanding and applying strengths effectively) can shift us and others out of the Toxic Triangle™ of Independence, Co-dependence and Dependence and help us to Shift Up! into Strategic Interdependence™
  • How to transform relationships and results

Interdependent Leadership – a New Approach for a Human Economy


Unleash a Culture of Strategic Interdependence™

Audience: All (unlimited group size)
Duration: 90 minutes – 5 hours
Delivery: Interactive workshop, presentation or keynote (in-person or virtual)


Interdependent Leadership on all levels is required for the Human Economy. It requires leaders to wisely balance tasks and relationships, grow people, improve relationships and results, and win hearts & minds.  It complements foundational leadership competencies like strategy, decision-making, execution, and influencing, but with a focus on people and culture.


What leaders will discover and learn:

  • How effective strengths use can improve leadership, trust, engagement, team alignment and collaboration, synergy, confident vulnerability, pro-activity, and well-being
  • A new mindset to view, value and leverage diversity – our uniqueness and differences beyond race, gender and generation gaps
  • The key to reduce toxicity, turnover and disengagement, and increase employee accountability
  • How to effectively balance the task-relationship dynamic
  • How to create conditions for a high-performance team experience
  • Where ‘weaknesses’ come from
  • How Strengths Strategy® (understanding and applying strengths effectively) can shift us and others out of the Toxic Triangle™ of Independence, Co-dependence and Dependence and help us to Shift Up! into Strategic Interdependence™

Strengths Strategies® for Optimal Performance (SSOP)

Audience: A team or group of 17 – 25 people
Duration: One day
Delivery: Highly interactive growth-zone workshop


Every person can experience greater engagement and happiness in their work and personal life if they take proactive accountability for, and are motivated to create and maintain optimal performance and energy. We just need to discover HOW to leverage the power of our strengths.

Consistent strategic use of our strengths allows people to co-create sustained high energy and performance experiences for themselves and others, and can shift people towards better relationships and results.

This personal and interpersonal growth-zone workshop experience empowers people to discover and practice six Strengths Strategies™ (effective and strategic use of strengths) that will lead to better relationships and results.

  1. Strategic Interdependence™
  2. Feed the Need™
  3. Leveraging Success Patterns™
  4. Intelligently Influencing Others™
  5. Creating Your Conditions™
  6. ICU Acknowledgement


How people benefit from this workshop:

  • Discover how understanding and applying strengths effectively can shift ourselves and others out of the Toxic Triangle of Independence, Co-dependence and Dependence and help us to Shift Up! in the Strategic Interdependence Model®
  • Discover how it is within your reach to experience better relationships and obtain better results
  • Evaluate and increase your energy and performance
  • Increase meaningful team interaction and personal fulfilment
  • Increase your Proactivity, Confident Vulnerability™, Strengths Intelligence™ and People Acuity™
  • Discover an approach to recover from toxicity and frustration
  • Discover how to improve trust and influence others

Self-leadership: Shift Up Towards Interdependence

Audience: A team or group of 17 – 25 people
Duration: Two days life or 8 weeks virtual
Delivery: Immersive personal development with online content

This is the foundation program for all leadership development programs and a certification pathway.


Leadership (on all levels) starts with self leadership.

Most leadership programs focus on knowledge and approaches to leadership, or attempt to inspire leaders to be someone they are not. These programs miss a few key components – what makes great leaders great, how to be and feel authentic, and HOW to build relationships (including starting with your relationship with yourself).


The People Acuity self leadership program enables participants to better understand who they are as a leader, to recognise their strengths, to build interdependence, and to align to their purpose.

By recognising their individual approach to leadership, participants are better able to connect to, inspire and lead others.

This is a deep learning journey, built around three People Acuity Guides: Strategic Interdependence™    |    Strengths Strategy®    |   Purpose Alignment.

The experiential workshop provides the laboratory experience to discover, understand and practice real-life, actionable people acuity (the ability to clearly SEE and effectively OPTIMISE the value, capabilities and positive potential impact of self and others).


How people benefit from this workshop:

  • How to create strong, purposeful collaborative relationships – Synergize through Interdependence.
  • Strategies for breaking down silos, reduce toxicity, create synergy and igniting Work Joy (self-engagement).
  • How to intentionally design effective relationships, create remarkable results and to sustain high energy and performance for both self and others – Energize through Strengths Strategy.
  • Increase your ability to listen from within the Strengths Lens™ of others and gain insight on how to Intelligently Influence Others.
  • Practice the leadership skill of Confident Vulnerability.
  • The keys to empower yourself and others’ feelings of being valued and valuable, and to build strong group alignment, buy-in and shared purpose – Engage through Purpose Alignment.
  • Develop an increased ability to lead, support and engage with others from unconditional curiosity and People Acuity’s ICU acknowledgement during conversations.
  • Identify your own purpose and acquire deeper alignment with your own strengths and purpose.
  • Grow your people acuity ability through understanding and effectively using People Acuity Accelerators™.
  • Increase your Proactive Accountability.
  • Guide and support others towards optimising their strengths to reduce weaknesses, experience high performance and energy, and create better relationships and results.

The learning will positively impact all areas of your work and life.

Development Programs: In-Company Coaches, Facilitators, and Coach-like Leadership

– delivered in-company (in-person or virtually) by a People Acuity Thought Leader –

Certified People Acuity Guide (CPAG): The Foundation of Powerful Coaching from Strategic Interdependence

Personal application, discovery of cutting-edge tools, and practice skills of coach-like leadership and guiding others.  It is designed to empower you to confidently develop the People Acuity meta-competency so critical to leading, guiding and coaching others. You will also become adept at Synergizing through Interdependence, the use of Strengths Strategies, Intelligent Influence, and Purpose Alignment for impact and engaging others.

Fundamentals of Team Coaching & Facilitation from Interdependence

Requirement: prior certification as a CPAG.


Visit the People Acuity website to learn more about their online learning programs, and their StrengthsMultiplier assessment and report  CLICK HERE



  • "It is clear to me that understanding my strengths has the potential to revolutionize my being. Imagine the power of an entire nation understanding its strengths."

    J.G: CEO, Professional Membership Institute


    "I am awed. My eyes, mind and physical space of consciousness have been shifted."

    N.D: Leadership and Community Development Consultant


    "Most insightful & very relevant. Applicable to most people in order to feel utilising their energy and strengths effectively."

    S.B: Senior HR Manager, Travel & Tourism industry


    "Strengths defines a new format of diversity that we can celebrate and to create potential. It is key to moving our world forward."

    I.B: Performance Improvement Consultant


    "Out of normal context. Not the same old story and examples."

    C.W: Senior Manager, Global Fast Food Industry


    "Eye opener ... understanding each others' strengths is the key to productivity."

    J.H: Teambuilding Consultant


    "Solid introspection - how one's 'being' effect and impact others."

    T.M: Small Business Owner


    "This is the power in people working together instead of being all alone."

    S.S: Small Business Owner


    "It was a good experience and an eye opener."

    M.W: Finance team member, Manufacturing Industry


    "Very informative. Learnt something new."

    A.K: Finance team member, Manufacturing Industry


    "Thank you for the incredible session. I learnt so much, and was mind blown at times."

    T.M: B Comm HRM (Honours) student 

    Workshop participants UNLOCKIT - The Power of Strengths Use
  • "An eye-heart-and-thinking mind-shift!"

    M.P: Strategic Marketing Consultant


    "An incredible experience showing some great strategies, each of which deserve more attention. I look forward to exploring these."

    I.B: Performance Improvement Consultant


    "This was first a mind-shift, then there's an awareness shift. ICU in order to constantly evolve in my strengths. Thus my seeing in order to create a sense of positively charged 'Being' has been enlightened. It's a RE-BIRTH."

    N.D: Leadership and Community Development Consultant


    "Live changing. Empowered. The way I will handle triggers."

    D.E: Small Business Owner


    "The SSOP workshop opened up my eyes to see me more authentically and by seeing myself gave me the opportunity to recognise the real "human" in the other people. We are all unique in our own way."

    J.L: Senior HR Business Partner, Resources Industry


    "The notion of leveraging one's strengths and shifting one's focus to what you already know, are strong and comes naturally to you, is empowering and liberating."

    L.C: Organisational Development Consultant and Coach


    "Very engaging, interactive experience. Loved the fact that the session is practical and provides learners with toolkits to apply in both professional and personal life settings. Enjoyed the fact that you are encouraged to share vulnerability & that there is no judgement in the thoughts shared."

    L.C: Senior HR Business Partner, Resources Industry


    "Great learning about myself! New information from the strengths assessment. A different way of looking at myself. Excited to impact others going forward in a positive way."

    T. G: Executive Coach


    "It was a good workshop, it makes you feel proud of your strengths. Also get to realise & appreciate others. You mustn't feel bad about who you are & never to judge yourself and others."

    P. T: Senior HR Business Partner, Resources Industry


    It created awareness about how important it is to operate with my dominant strengths. It has given me more confidence."

    T.M: Performance Improvement Consultant 


    "Very enjoyable and insightful. Something that I want to be part of."

    J.H: Teambuilding consultant


    "Better understanding of myself and others."

    "Better appreciation of the management teams' strengths."

    "Understanding the strengths and needs of others."

    "My confidence levels have grown threefold."

    Senior Leadership Team: ICT Industry

    Workshop participants SHIFT UP! Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance
  • "Brilliant, energetic and insightful way to not only identify strengths, but to dive deeply into your top 5. Educating you to a point where you are able to see & identify others' strengths. This is important for situational awareness & makes a complex situation answerable."

    J.H: Teambuilding Consultant


    "The course has transformed my way of looking at life. It has assisted me to be aware of my strengths and how to use them to get to a place of high energy and performance. The approach used in facilitating the course was effective to acquire learning."

    T.M: Performance Improvement Consultant


    "Very engaging, mind-stretching ... The workshop was insightful, helping me to clearly see myself & how I see the world impact on how I show up in the world."

    J.L: Senior HR Business Partner, Resources Industry


    "I love that this goes beyond the strengths and incorporates purpose as I believe these to be inseparable."

    I.B.: Performance Improvement Consultant and Strengths Coach.


    "The whole workshop was truly mind-blowing, impactful & energizing. I am a differently created person. I wish the world to experience People Acuity learning."


    What has changed during your 2-day training?

    "EVERYTHING! My life is about to be disrupted."

    "Being able to take what feels like an insurmountable problem and slowly start addressing it from interdependence."

    "By accepting who I am and I'm not - make me unique to what I can offer."

    "How best to use my strengths in different situations."

    "Self-awareness i.t.o. strengths, needs, triggers and how to change self-acuity."

    "My understanding and application of my strengths has shifted up."

    "Such brilliance, self-awareness, impactfulness."

    Workshop participants People Acuity Shift Up your Self Leadership (incl. Certified People Acuity Specialist program)
  • "The learnings can be applied in every sphere of life from family context to workplace & school."

    J.L: Senior HR Business Partner, Resources Industry


    "Mind blowing/shifting content. I'd love to join the movement."

    J.H: Teambuilding Consultant


    "Amazing, exciting, joyful, valuable, very impactful and significant."

    N.D: Leadership and Community Development Consultant


    "This process and guide will improve where I am coaching from interdependence, how I guide others to get better relationships & results."

    L.B: Experienced Coach and Consultant

    Workshop participants People Acuity Coach-like Leadership (incl. Certified People Acuity Guide program)
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