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Building Strong Youth and Families (20 June 2019)

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UNLOCKIT ™ – Using Strengths Strategies To Build Strong Youth And Families is intended for parents and educators who want to gain insights how to improve relationships with their children and learners (and some adults in their lives too), how to help them to create better results for themselves (without focusing on their weaknesses), what it will take for them to feel valued and valuable (and not judged), and how to grow them into healthy, happy individuals (without a “fix-it” approach).


Date: 20 June 2019
Arrival & Registration: 07:30 am (light refreshments available on arrival)
Event Duration: 08:00 am to 10:00 am
Venue: Candlewoods Boutique Venue  |  1769 Candlewood Lane,  Candlewoods Country Estate, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa

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How would the world be different if children knew and grow their strengths, and every parent and educator could clearly SEE and value their uniqueness and knew how to empower them to be the best they are capable of becoming?

How would our youth be better supported if they grew up in families that worked together and unleashed each others strengths?


“Every child is unique. Every child wants to feel valued. It is in our power as educators and parents to work together to positively impact our next generations of contributors – to help them to discover and embrace their value and capabilities and unleash their untapped potential”
Liezel Pheiffer Blignaut (Founder and CEO: Human Capital Business Solutions®, experienced HR consultant, entrepreneur, mother of teenage twins)


What you will discover in this workshop

  • How a strengths-based approach is different from a “fix-it” and how the results would be different
  • How focusing on strengths is the most powerful thing you could do to improve energy, performance, results and relationships and recovery from setbacks, or being stuck in frustration or toxic feelings or behaviours
  • How your Strengths Lens™ impacts what you SEE, FEEL and DO
  • Where ‘weaknesses’ come from, how to recognise when a strength is presenting as a weakness, and what you could do to help youth better moderate the use of their strengths
  • Strengths-spotting strategies for youth (and maybe some adults in your life too)
  • Explore one key strategy for helping others leverage the use of strengths when they are stuck in feelings of frustration, blaming, criticising,, defensiveness, contempt or other toxic feelings
  • Understand how to shift yourself and others out of the Toxic Triangle™ of Independence, Co-dependence and Dependence and how to Shift Up! into Strategic Interdependence

It starts with people acuity: The ability to SEE and effectively OPTIMISE the value, capabilities and positive potential impact of ourselves and others.


“If you see me through the lens of who you think I should be, you’re not seeing me. To see me, you need to see the real you first”
Tinus van der Merwe (Executive Coach and Consultant: Human Capital Business Solutions®, experienced HR professional, Professional Credentialed Coach with ICF)


Target audience

Parents, educators of primary and secondary learners, heads of schools, community leaders, youth organisations.


“Performance is connected to the wise application of strengths and swims in the ocean of relationships”
DeAnna Murphy (Founder and CEO: People Acuity™, Thought Leader, Top 100 Global Coaching Leader, Author: Shift Up! To Optimal Performance)



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Manual bookings, registration or general enquiries
Email: contact@hcbsolutions.com     |     Phone/WhatsApp: +27 76 343 5991

Need more information, or want to enquire about delivery for your community or school? Contact Tinus (tinus.vandermerwe@hcbsolutions.com) or Liezel (liezelb@hcbsolutions.com)


Liezel Pheiffer Blignaut 

Tinus van der Merwe

Founder & CEO, Human Capital Business Solutions

Certified Strengths Strategy Specialist

Certified UNLOCKIT™ and SSOP – Shift Up! Facilitator

SABPP Master HR Practitioner

Liezel has extensive experience in organisational, team, leadership and people strategies, solutions and development.

She is a protagonist and solutions architect and consultant, a business owner, and serves on the Advisory Boards of the HR Think Tank and the University of Pretoria (HR Management faculty).

She holds a M Comm (HR and Industrial Psychology).

Liezel is the mother of twin teenage boys.


Executive Coach & Consultant: People Acuity Strengths Strategies solutions, Human Capital Business Solutions

Certified Strengths Strategy Specialist, Guide and Coach

Certified UNLOCKIT™ and SSOP – Shift Up! Facilitator

ICF Professional Certified Coach

SACAP Mentor Coach

Tinus is the voice of strengths solutions champion and has extensive experience in HR and as a personal, leadership and organisational Coach.

He holds a BA Hons (Psychology) and an MBA.

Tinus is the father of grown-up children.



Event Details

Day 1: 20 Jun, 2019

Start time: 07:30 a.m.

End time: 10:00 a.m.

Venue: Candlewoods Boutique Venue

Coordinates: -25.904347, 28.171750

Directions: 1769 Candlewood Lane, Candlewoods Country Estate, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa

Phone: +27 76 343 5991

Email: contact@hcbsolutions.com

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