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People Acuity SPECIALIST (15-16 August 2019)

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Personal leadership development that would impact all areas of your life.

The People Acuity Specialist is focused on deep personal discovery and application of the three guides to increase your People Acuity and how to use your People Acuity Accelerators to improve relationships, tasks and results:

Strategic Interdependence™    I    Strengths Strategy®    I   Purpose Alignment.


The two-day experiential workshop provides the laboratory experience to learn, understand and practice real-life, actionable people acuity (the ability to clearly SEE and effectively OPTIMISE the value, capabilities and positive potential impact of self and others).


Optional: Certification and professional designation as a People Acuity Specialist (requires additional online self-directed learning and successful completion of the online exam).


Dates: 15 – 16 August 2019
Workshop Duration: 08:00 am to 17:00 pm. Arrive by latest 07:30 am
Venue: Candlewoods Boutique Venue  |  1769 Candlewoods Lane, Candlewoods Country Estate, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa

Rate includes:

  • People Acuity Level 2 Accelerator Report and Self-coaching Guide
  • People Acuity Specialist Online pre-course material (which includes Leading Self and Others).
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Certificate and professional designation upon successful completion of the online the online exam.
  • Venue, lunch and refreshments for the two days.


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What you will discover and learn during the 2-day training workshop

  • Discover the norms most likely to create strong collaborative relationships.
  • Learn how to intentionally design effective relationships.
  • Increase your ability to listen from within the lens of others.
  • Practice the leadership skills of Confident Vulnerability.
  • Examine keys to empowering others’ feelings of being valued and valuable.
  • Develop an increased ability to lead and coach others from unconditional curiosity.
  • Identify your most meaningful impact on others.
  • Create a Purpose Statement to guide your coach-like leadership and relationships with others.
  • Design your own accountability system for follow-up and implementation of learning.


What you will discover and learn during the pre-course online learning content (pre-requisite for certification)

The online pre-course content guides you through personal discovery and journaling.

It is recommended for all participants, and required for participants who want to take the post-training online exam to certify as a People Acuity Specialist.

  • Increase your ability to appreciate and integrate differences, build cohesive relationships and teams through accelerating your ability to Synergize through Interdependence.
  • Be better able to create repeated remarkable results and relationships by learning how to Energize yourself and others through increased People Acuity.
  • Accelerate your self-leadership, as well as your ability to Intelligently Influence Others toward higher energy and performance.
  • Discover a stronger, clearer sense of purpose at work and in life for yourself.
  • Learn how to Engage (yourself and others) through Purpose Alignment, by learning how to respond wisely to ever-changing situations, challenges and uncertain relationship needs.
  • Ability to articulate your ‘doing’ and ‘being’ contributions, your needs related to both task and relationship, our internal and external Toxic Triangle Triggers, the operating beliefs that interfere with work and relationship effectiveness, and the overuse patterns connected to your strengths.
  • Learn specific strategies to optimize your strengths and mitigate your experience of weakness.


Upon completion you would have

  • Increased ability to co-create with others, and better Synergize through Interdependence.
  • An increased ability to create repeated remarkable results and relationships by leveraging the guide Energize through Strengths Strategy, to sustain high energy and performance for both self and others.
  • Accelerated your ability to Intelligently Influence self and others by Engaging through Purpose Alignment.
  • Developed a growing People Acuity ability through understanding and effectively using People Acuity Accelerators.
  • Increased ability to support others’ growth through meaningful conversations with them and interpreting the results of their People Acuity report.


Preparation required

Participants would need to bring their CliftonStrengths34® (our strengths assessment tool of choice) results with them, as well as their People Acuity™ Level 2 Accelerator Report and Self-coaching Guide. We require your full CliftonStrengths 34® results at least 48 hours before the workshop.

Participants who do not have their strengths results or choose to retake it can use the following link: CliftonStrengths 34 assessment

Recommended for all participants, and required prior to taking the exam to certify as a People Acuity Specialist: Completion of the People Acuity Specialist online content  (allow for 4 – 6 hours self-directed learning, and personal discovery and journalling).

Highly recommended: Prior attendance of a Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance: Shift Up!  workshop if you expect you might not cover the online content before the program.


Who would benefit

Leaders, managers, supervisors, team leaders, HR business partners, HR learning and development specialists, independent coaches, in-company coaches, potential coaches, educators, career or relationship counsellors.

People Acuity may be the single most important personal, interpersonal and leadership competency of the 21st century – Steve Jeffs
People Acuity™ Strengths Strategy® Thought Leader, Top Global Coaching Leader, DBA in Leadership, Master Credentialed Coach (ICF)


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Master Trainer

Steve Jeffs

Hosted by HCBsolutions

Master Credentialed Coach (MCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Co-thought leader, resident business psychologist and research team member of People Acuity (a Strengths Strategy Inc company) based in the USA.

Recognised by CHRO (Asia) as one of the Top Global Coaching Leaders.

Certified People Acuity Strengths Strategy Coach and Master Trainer.

Recently completed his PhD (Business Administration and Leadership) on the topic of Shared Leadership.

Co-author of the book by DeAnna Murphy Shift Up! Strengths Strategies for Optimal Living.

Steve, born in Australia, is currently based in the UAE and have coached, presented and consulted in countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and in the USA.



Event Details

Day 1: 15 Aug, 2019

Day 2: 16 Aug, 2019

Start time: 07:30 a.m.

End time: 17:00 p.m.

Venue: Candlewoods Boutique Venue

Coordinates: -25.904347, 28.171750

Directions: 1769 Candlewood Lane, Candlewoods Country Estate, Centurion, South Africa. Venue is on the left before the Estate's security entrance. 10km from Centurion/Midrand Gautrain station. 3km from Ben Schoeman R101 off-ramp.

Phone: +27 76 343 5991

Email: contact@hcbsolutions.com

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