What a Wicked Game You Play: The Toxicity of Codependence

“I feel that you’re manipulating me and only using me until you have everything you need from me, and then I’ll be no good to you”. Have you ever been accused of this? Have you ever been so focused on faux alliances to feed your own short-sighted and self-serving needs and surrounding yourself with like-minded […]

Stop Playing the Victim: How to Shift Up and Out of Dependence

“You are only a victim to the degree of what your perception allows.” – Shannon L. Adler Have you ever had someone in your life who is highly reactive, easily offended, always looking for validation and who judges others harshly? You likely recognize this person as someone with huge (unmet) expectations of others and who […]

How to Escape from the Prison of Independence

“If I want something done right, I have to do it myself.” How often do you feel like this? How deep is the frustration that drives you to this point? You might be a manager, or a team member, or a client; all roles where you depend on results from others to do your job properly. Your […]

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