Chanri Theron


Business and Client Support. 

In-training Facilitator and Coach.

Chanri joined our team in 2023. She was the recipient of the 2022 best Honours student in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at the University of Pretoria (an award that HCBsolutions has been sponsoring since 2019) when she was put in touch with Liezel to explore her interest to pursue a career in facilitation and coaching. 

Chanri is the first Gen Z and the first team member without work experience but with great potential to join our team.

She has demonstrated her leadership potential with a number of leadership positions she held in school and at University.

While Chanri has an excellent academic track record (six distinctions in her final school year, a cum laude for her B Comm degree, and two awards for her Honours degree), she is a non-academic. 

She demonstrates strong leadership, innovation, initiative, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving skills.

Chanri’s passion is to bring out the full potential of working individuals and assist them to enjoy overall wellness in the workplace.

Since joining our team, she has started her journey towards People Acuity certification as a facilitator and coach, while supporting our business with e.g. client projects and social media.


Qualifications: BCom Honours degree in Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

Primary Strengths Contributions (StrengthsMultiplier): Principled, Ignitor, Reliability, Organizer, Kinship, Certainty, Heart-tuned.

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