Nadine Hattingh


HR, Talent and Development Consultant. Facilitator. Coach.

Nadine joined our team in 2022. She has 18 years experience working for different business entities at a listed petrochemical company in various roles, e.g. talent, learning and development, skills development, global functional support, people and organisational effectiveness, global learning HR Academy,  change management and HR business partnering.

Her experience includes design and implementation of human resources and talent development solutions, development of a web-based onboarding program, and providing guidance and support to senior leadership and their teams on talent management and succession planning, people and organisational effectiveness design, employee relations, talent management, skills development, learning and development, culture transformation, diversity management, change management, employee engagement and retention solutions, sourcing and selection, performance management, rewards and benefits, HR business partnering, stakeholder engagement, and competency framework design (including curriculum design, assessments and plans).

Nadine has a specific passion and interest in the design and implementation of high potential talent and early career development programs.

Since joining our team, she has started her journey towards People Acuity certification as a facilitator and coach.


Regional experience: South Africa, Mozambique, North America, Europe, Middle East.

Qualifications: BA (Honours) degree in Psychology, and a BA degree in Personnel Management.

Certifications: Certified Scrum Master, Certified Results Coach.

Primary Strengths Contributions (StrengthsMultiplier): Integrator, Differentiator, Principled, Bridge-Builder, Accord, Reliability, Visionary.

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