Executive and Leadership Coaching

Individual, Team or Group. In-person or Virtual

On request aligned to individual needs, and also an integral part of our development and change solutions

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Coaching is powerful for individual, team, workplace and business shifts. We focus on the specific needs of the individual, team or group and/or on the objectives of a specific change and transformation journey.

Coaching creates opportunities to meet the needs of the client, lock-in, deepen and accelerate discovery and learning during sessions. Discovery and growth continues in-between coaching sessions.

Coaching would also ensure that there are key touchpoints, and that momentum is sustained during personal and company-wide change and transformation journeys.


Individual or Group. In-person or Virtual

Change what you see, what you do in response, your relationships and the results you get in all areas of your life and work.

The three People Acuity™ foundational differentiators that frame our guiding and coaching of individuals and teams:

  • Synergizing Through Interdependence™.
  • Energizing Through Strengths Strategy™.
  • Engaging Through Purpose Alignment™.



  • The powerful penny-dropping People Acuity™ Strategic Interdependence Model® and its role in shifting up to high energy, performance and better relationships and results.
  • Your combination of strengths and how they show up in a leadership, coaching, or relationship experience.
  • Your unique relational purpose and its impact on you and others.


For any person that wants to understand their strengths and purpose, and want to improve their relationships, leadership and results.

For any team that wants to understand each other better and their team dynamics, and want to shift up their team performance.

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