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The Power of Data and Analytics

From “We THINK” to “We KNOW”

Our surveys ask a range of important questions to provide the scope and depth of insights and analytics that are relevant and needed for data-driven leadership decisions.

Feedback and insights from the key internal stakeholders of a value-adding HR function on HR’s roles, priorities, value-add, and factors that inhibit or enable their value-add

Feedback and insights from exiting talent about their priorities, workplace experiences across a number of areas, and their next job/career/employer

Feedback and insights from employees (covering depth and scope of insights) – what is most important for them, their satisfaction, workplace experiences, and EVP


Width and Depth of Insights

The models and surveys of our three flagship insight-driven surveys were developed by Liezel Pheiffer Blignaut (drawing on holistic, strategic and futures thinking, and her extensive experience working across numerous companies on a variety of organisational and people development initiatives).

Most companies do not have the internal capacity or experience required to develop surveys that would provide the insights needed by decision makers.

Our surveys ask the right questions, so you can obtain the insights you need

Agile and Responsive

Internal resources at most companies are spread thin. It takes time and experience to research and develop questionnaires, administrate surveys, and to be able to quickly generate reports and interpret results.

Online surveys also take less time than focus groups or interviews, and reports and analytics can be shared quickly and easily with people who need make decisions from results.

Our survey process is streamlined, and reports are quickly shared while the feedback is still current

Online, Automated, Digitised

Our surveys, analytics and reports are powered by Qualtrics (for which we have a CoreXM survey research license).

More than 16,000 of the world’s top brands use Qualtrics to improve experience.

Surveys are accessible for completion from anywhere on any device, with reminders to increase the response rate.

The survey experience is as important for us, as the results

Successful Organisations Listen to their Key Stakeholders, and Act on Their Feedback

We also support clients to develop strategies using the data-driven insights from our surveys, and to develop and host other experience surveys.

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