Liezel Pheiffer Blignaut


Founder. Lead Vision & Executive Director. 

Lead Solutions Architect. Executive Consultant & Facilitator. Leadership Coach.

Liezel founded the company in 2001 to feed her entrepreneurial spirit, and as she was keen to contribute across companies and countries, implement what she learned in all areas of business and to ‘practice what she preach’ about leadership and business.

Liezel is passionate about making a difference and designing and providing solutions that address global pain points and needs. She is a protagonist, a solutions architect, and someone who thinks differently. She is fluid – she moves from strategy to systems to execution, between industry and companies, and has a proven track record demonstrating the depth and width of her contribution.

Liezel has 30 years of extensive and hands-on experience in custom-design and implementation of numerous and a variety of interventions, workshops, and programmes. In all her corporate roles, she was tasked to revamp existing or implement new departments, functions, systems or processes. Her experience covers Organisational, Business, Team and People Development, Change & Transformation, Marketing, Legal, Commercial, Finance, Project Management, ICT, Corporate Governance and HR.

Liezel is the thought leader behind the role of HR and leaders that resulted in her developing the HRvalue Reportmodel and stakeholder feedback product to meet a global need for HR transformation, a focussed internal HR strategy as well as much-needed dialogue between HR and leadership about the role of HR and Leaders in people management. She is also the developer of Texit (outsourced online talent exit feedback) and workplaceX (workplace experience and culture feedback) model and employee feedback products which meets a need for objective and meaningful exit interviews and data-driven talent insights.

Liezel is an experienced strategy and OD consultant, workshop and team facilitator, and executive and leadership coach.

She has published articles and presented at conferences.

Countries she lived and/or worked:
South Africa. Qatar.

Corporate Experience: 10 years – 4 industries for large listed companies.

Consulting Experience: 20 years.

Industries: Experience across most industries.

Qualifications: Bachelors (Cum Laude), Honours and Masters’ degrees in Commerce (specialising in HR, OD, Change Management and Industrial Psychology).

Board Member: Non-executive Board: Empowervate. Chairperson: Board of Directors at a non-profit company. Past Advisory Boards: Department of HR Management, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences (University of Pretoria), HR Think Tank (KR & Institute of Futures Research).

Professional Registrations: Master HR Practitioner (SABPP).  Mentor (by invitation only) with the SABPP.

Certifications: Certifications from People Acuity Inc: Facilitator from Interdependence, Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance Facilitator, People Acuity Guide (CPAG). Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (American Board of NLP).

Professional Membership: Institute of Directors of Southern Africa.

Primary Strengths Contributions (according to StrengthsMultiplier): Attainer, Principled, Organizer, Differentiator, Articulate, Visionary, Inventive.

Liezel loves diversity, progress and to explore the world and its people. She has travelled and still want to explore more of the world and its people than the 44 countries she has been to.

She is a mother of twin boys who were born a month after she founded Human Capital Business Solutions.

When they were one year old, she wanted to discover if she can paint on canvas. She was invited in 2012 by the Qatar National Human Rights Committee and the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commission to exhibit three of her oil paintings at an Arts Exhibition to celebrate International Human Rights Day.

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