How the COVID-19 pandemic provides the opportunity and mandate for HR to change

The global COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our health, well-being, ability to earn income and how and where we learn, work and engage with colleagues. The key role that HR plays in organisations has never been clearer. Within days of a lockdown announcement, business and HR leaders were coordinating teams, departments and entire organisations to […]

Leveraging Exit Interviews for better talent insights and decisions

Departing employees are one of the best sources of insights for better talent strategies and decisions. Most companies proclaim, ‘our people are our greatest asset’, run engagement or culture surveys, and understand the risks and implications of employee turnover. Yet, most companies fail to capture vital information from departing employees or consolidate the data to […]

What should be different a year from now in your business?

Are leaders and HR repeatedly doing the same things the same way and expecting different results, or not doing what would create a shift?   Tapping into surprising (if not shocking) research findings, and what I have heard from HR and leaders across businesses, I believe focusing on three key areas could shift the needle […]

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