Career Pivoting

Liezel Pheiffer Blignaut was on air in a conversational interview on SAfm ‘The Full Circle’ with host Bridget Masinga on the topic of Career Pivoting.

Career pivoting requires to completely change the way one see or manage your career, and intentionally going into a new related or different direction that would lead to exceptional growth.
It requires self-reflection, concentrate on aspects that are working for you and your strengths, learnings from your past roles where you experienced the most enjoyment and had the best results), to embrace change, to build on past successes, taking small steps, and not let fear hold you back.

Events can make one pivot (e.g. something changed in the workplace or in your personal life), or it can be a proactive pivot. 

A sign that it could be time to pivot might be when you feel stuck in a career plateau, or continuously or for long times feel frustrated, bored, restless, stressed at work or in your career.

It is good to check-in on your career aspirations and progress every 6 – 12 months. It is important not to wait until you experience a crises or go into panic mode.

To listen to the podcast of the life radio interview:

Liezel Pheiffer Blignaut is the founder and CEO of HCBsolutions. She is also leadership coach and involved in career coaching and mentoring.



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