The Human Economy is here

The Human Economy has arrived and requires us (in workplaces, at home and in schools) to redefine what we regard as important, and how we need to align ourselves to shift from the Information to Human Economy.


People Acuity asks the key question:

“Have we moved with it or are we stuck in the past era?”

Click on this link to view the 21 pages PDF eBook which is distributed in South Africa by Human Capital Business Solutions under the authority of People Acuity, a Strengths Strategy company.

Shift UP! to the new Human Economy


For more information on how we could help to shift and align others to create more people-focused companies, schools, NGOs, leadership, NPO organisations, communities and families – connect with us



Quiet Quitting

Liezel Pheiffer Blignaut was interviewed by Kwena Moabela on life radio Power 98.7 on the trending topic of ‘Quiet Quitting’.

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